General Auto Insurance From An Affordable Auto Insurance Company

"Success is measured not only in profits, but by integrity as well."
-Fred Loya

What started with a single store front in El Paso Texas in 1974 has grown to be the 18th Largest Hispanic Top 500 Owned and Operated Company in the United States.

Our commitment to providing fast, dependable service and competitive rates for general auto insurance has made us one of the fastest growing auto insurance groups in America - with 361 agencies throughout Texas, California, New Mexico and Colorado. And this is just the beginning.

Our auto insurance company is now licensed in three additional states with plans to expand our operations to Nevada, Arizona and Illinois in 2010.

We're expanding because the need for our affordable auto insurance is growing. We offer free auto insurance quotes on our competitive general auto insurance.

In 2009, The Loya Insurance Group wrote over $400 million in premiums and insured over half million drivers with more than 360,000 active policies.

Leadership always plays an important role in the success of any auto insurance company. Our current corporate officers include:

  • Fred Loya Sr. - Chairman Emeritus
  • Fred Loya Jr. - Chief Executive Officer
  • Flower Loya - President
  • Ben Salazar - Chief Operating Officer
  • Joe Ramirez - Chief Financial Officer
  • Edgar Meza - Vice President of Claims Department
  • Ernest Aliseda - Managing Attorney
  • George Briones - Director of Information and Technology
  • Tommy Cano - Director of Personnel
  • Lana Ruiz - Senior Underwriter
  • Leah Williams - Compliance and Data Analyst

These leaders are and continue to be the driving force in the success of Fred Loya Insurance and the Loya Insurance Group.

As we all know, 2009 was a tough year for everyone, yet despite the harsh economic climate, Fred Loya Insurance and the Loya Insurance Group actually created jobs, increasing the number of business professionals employed by the Loya Insurance Group to over 2600. We also expanded our operations by building two state-of-the art corporate facilities in San Antonio and McAllen Texas.

These facilities house over 200 adjusters, which handle all claims for the company. Over 100 staff appraisers who are distributed throughout our service areas, providing our customers & claimants local customer service. Our claims department handles over 6,500 claims per month with payments exceeding $20 million per month.

Fred Loya Insurance and the Loya Insurance Group also have our own legal department which is comprised of over 50 employees including 15 in house attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants & secretaries.

At Fred Loya Insurance, you'll find our agencies on street corners, shopping centers and office buildings - in cities and towns big and small. We go where the people are, and in many cases this includes local grocery stores. Right now you will find Fred Loya Insurance agencies in grocery store chains such as Cardenas, Superior, Fiesta Whole Food and Liborio Supermarkets throughout California.

In Texas, you can find Fred Loya Insurance Agencies in Big 8 Food Source stores, Fiesta Marts, and select Wal-Mart Super Stores in Texas, as well as New Mexico and California. Check out our location finder to find your Fred Loya auto insurance company today.

We believe in these partnerships and with licenses in three additional states now available, we look forward to developing new, local relationships throughout Nevada, Arizona and Illinois.

At Fred Loya Insurance, we believe in being a part of each community we serve.

We're your friends and your neighbors, and we understand the importance of how our local accessibility has contributed to our amazing growth. And that is why our slogan "Where Being Local Matters" is the common thread in all of our advertising.

In 2009, Loya Insurance Group invested over 20 Million dollars into its advertising campaigns. Our media campaign has no limits to its target from Spanish Media to General Market Media; we use every major genre of media to reach our targeted markets.

Some of our current methods of advertising include: Radio, Television, Billboards, Newspaper, Print and Yellow Pages.

For the last 2 years Piolin, a nationally know Univision radio personality has endorsed and been our spokesperson for the state of California. We have recently negotiated our 2010 campaign with Piolin to include the states of California & Illinois. As our current plans to expand into Illinois commence, our advertising budget will increase to 22 Million in 2010, thus establishing a strong market presence.

From humble beginnings, to one of the fastest growing insurance companies in America, Fred Loya Insurance and the Loya Insurance Group understand that success is measured not only by profits but integrity as well. It was true then - and it's true now.

We are the Loya Insurance Group here to provide excellent insurance for your car!