Auto Insurance Discounts

See how much you can save on our affordable car insurance. See what discount applies to you in your area.

|*Discounts vary by state. Contact your local agent for available discounts in your state|

Are you eligible for these
auto insurance discounts?

  • Multiple Car Discount 

    Do your household family members need car insurance too? If you insure multiple cars, you may be eligible for this discount

  • Prior Insurance Discount

    Loya rewards responsible drivers. If your car has been insured for the past 12 months, you may be eligible for our Prior Insurance Discount.

  • Homeowner Discount

    If you’re a homeowner, don’t forget to let us know. You may qualify for our Homeowner discount.

  • Good Driver Discount   

    How’s your driving record? Let’s look at it together – you may be eligible for our Good Driver Discount.

More ways to save on
car insurance

Learn more about each discount by talking to your local agent.
* Discounts vary by state

  • New Car Discount 

    Save from the very start with our New Car Discount. If you purchase a brand-new car, you may be eligible for lower rates on your car insurance.

    A person taking the keys to their new car
  • Good student Discount 

    Our Good Student Discount rewards your high grades and achievements. If you are a responsible student, we believe you will be a responsible driver too!

  • Claim Free Discount

    If your driving record is claim free, you may be eligible for a reduced rate with our Claim Free Discount.

    A person in a car
  • Safe Driver Discount

    We offer discounted rates to safe and responsible drivers. Our Safe Driver Discount rewards you for your good driving habits.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Discount

    You can benefit from our Electronic Funds Transfer Discount when you set up automatic monthly payments for your car insurance.

    A woman making payment with her card
  • Renewal Discount

    If your car insurance is renewed, you can save with our Renewal Discount. Ask our agents for more details and start saving.

    A woman in a car
  • Preferred Payment Discount

    Save with our Preferred Payment Discount when you pay the full amount for your car insurance upfront or select an automatic payment option.

  • Family Discount

    If your insurance policy includes other people who are living in your household, you can save money with our Family Discount.

  • Vehicle Alarm Discount

    If your car has a state-approved anti-theft alarm system, you may be eligible to save with our Vehicle Alarm Discount.

    A person unlocking their car